Display.direct platform has great features for content owners and product advertisers.

Easy Implementation

We have plugins for popular open source platforms. Be up and running in no time.

Automatic Revenue Optimizer

Our self-learning algorithm favors the best performing advertisers per ad space based on your revenue.

High Content Relevancy

We consider many factors–from your page and the advertiser's landing page–to display only the most relevant ads.

Full Advertiser Control

We offer filters to exclude or include specific products or advertisers on your page—or throughout your site.

Custom Ad Design

Our ads are versatile. Modify the way ads are displayed to fit your site or app design with different templates and colors.

Reporting And Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your revenue or check-in periodically to see your results.

Increased Revenue for Advertisers and Publishers

For many companies, selecting the right ad space for their products is an integrated component of the marketing mix—but finding the right fit is a challenge. Display.direct helps by evaluating each web page to find perfect product matches for your content.

Here’s how: by using behavioral data, we optimize ad space revenue with our state-of-the-art self-learning algorithm. We select different types of advertising models (CPC, CPM and CPA) to find the best advertising mix for each page.

Displaying compatible products benefits advertisers, publishers and website visitors. The user experience is less intrusive and more relevant—resulting in increased sales and better ad space revenue.

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For Webmasters

Increase ad space revenue by displaying the most relevant products on your page.

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For Product Advertisers

Our self-learning algorithm matches your products to the most relevant content pages.

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For Affiliate Networks

Our white label tool dramatically increases publishers' revenue.

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Smart And Big Data Used For Product Advertising

We manage a live product database with a real-time inventory of product prices and availability. We receive and process information on millions of products from a wide range of reliable sources: XML catalogs, HTML parsers, DMP and browser plugins.

Our success depends on ensuring the database is kept up-to-date. We are the first to know about new products hitting the stores, we find bestsellers, and track trends. Each product has its own global rating based on number of views and sales. The highest rated products have priority for updates; Top 10% bestsellers are updated hourly, Top 30% daily.

The recommendation system is backed with data mining technology to determine optimal product relationships. Our comparison technology allows us to perform automatic product matching by placing relevant products on specific content pages; we also use related products to improve the results by comparing features and purchasing data for millions of users.

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