Are you ready to take a leap?

We are honored that you want to work for us. Not the other way around. This is something we truly mean.


No secrets. 100% transparant. We guarantee you an open flow of information. Transparency is at the core of how we collaborate.


Our constant eagerness to question, iterate and willingness to challenge the status quo results in ownership at an innovative culture.


We regard integrity as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of our actions. We uphold this value as it leads to sustainability

A great work environment


Keeping our knowledge up to date is our full time job. We want you to grow fast.


We are all equal. Every decision is made by a majority of votes. Yes every single one!


We empower you to take full responsibility for all your actions.


You are in the position to change things and make things happen.


Your learning curve is our greatest asset. We want you to grow exponentially.

Profit sharing

The way we share our profit is decided by our employees. You decide it for yourself.

How we work together

Minimum control, maximum responsibility. Nine to five is an unknown concept at Thanks to digital connectivity, you can enjoy work both where and when you want. Set your own working hours and working space and get back in control of your work-life balance.

Democracy. Everyone’s voice counts. Decisions are made by mutual agreement. We take this literal. Every employee has a vote – with an equal weight. You must raise concern when things go in the wrong direction, independent of title or rank. Oh that’s right we don’t have ranks or any hierarchy at all at Furthermore, there is an open flow of information.

Intrapreneurship. We have true entrepreneurs in our midst. No, really. Employees can get the opportunity to become stakeholder, or to receive a share of profit. You are in the position to change things and make things happen. So show us some initiative.

Knowledge. Employees are our main asset. Therefore, you are given the opportunity to enrich yourself as much as possible both personal as professional. We hold regular sessions to keep your knowledge up to date.