Why Collishop teamed up with Display.direct.

Want to know what Display.direct did for Collishop – Colruyt Group? Read all about it.

How Collishop became the first multichannel retailer to use Display.direct.

Matthias Laqueur
Account manager on Collishop

Collishop (part of Colruyt Group) was one of the first to run large scale prospecting campaigns via Display.direct.


Collishop wanted to advertise their 20.000+ products in the best fitting context using our default banners. They ran campaigns in both Dutch & French.


The main obstacle for Collishop was the variation in their product inventory. The 20.000+ products were spread out over 100+ very different categories.


The first results were encouraging. We saw many well placed ads on various locations we did not even predict ourselves before. Our algorithm is getting better.


Collishop is founded in 1984 and started with offering their products uniquely via a catalogue. Now the brand has a product range of 20.000 articles for the entire family in 9 product categories. They always strive for the most competitive prices and promotions. Also, Collishop is a multichannel player allowing order on both on- & offline channels with more than 350 pick-up points or delivery service at home.

Colruyt Group

Collishop is a part of the Colruyt Group which is today most significantly known for its eponymous discount supermarket chain, which is one of the major players in especially Belgium with more than 200 stores. Besides that, the group has operations in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Number of products

+20.000 products in both Dutch & French.

Amount of ads

250.000+ different ads in all IAB sizes, updated daily.

Number placements

10.000+ placements over 100+ domains.

Increase in relevancy

Increase in ad relevance for many product categories.


We ran campaigns in Belgium in Dutch & French.


Collishop was happy and wants keep improving.

In greater detail

Initially we contacted Colruyt (supermarkets) to run initial campaigns via Display.direct. As one of the largest and more inoovative supermarkets chains in Belgium it seemed a good fit. Their subsidiary Collishop was the first to respond. They have shown great interest in testing new ad technology and they were quick to respond. Even tough Collishop is part of a large corporation they managed to get the “go” quickly.

This was what we hoped for. Onboarding was quick. Collishop has a well structured product feed for both the French and Dutch website. This enabled us to create our ads quickly. Secondly they are very open to testing different ad setups. Our algorithm went to work.

One of the main challenges was that Collishop sells many products over very different product verticals, ranging from electronics to travel accessories. For us this was a good test for our newly developed algorithm. We were able to match a large set of their products very specifically and at scale.

This resulted in thousands & thousands of product & content matches across many different websites. We got 100% matches between product and content but the greatest achievement for us was that we were able to match products of competitors on content pages. For example match a Samsung A8 on a content piece about a similar type of phone from Huawei. We need to improve further over time.

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