Demo case for food company: Deliveroo.

What could do for a company like Deliveroo?

For food companies has many groundbreaking opportunities.

Matthias Laqueur
Account manager on Collishop

Collishop (part of Colruyt Group) was one of the first to run large scale prospecting campaigns via


For food delivery companies we want more awareness for restaurant delivery.


A well structured, constantly updated inventory feed is the main challenge according to us.


When we accomplish to generate quality traffic via our context banners.

Deliveroo provides customers with the ability to order amazing food from local restaurant who may not otherwise deliver. They work with thousands of restaurant chains ant top quality independent restaurants as a partner to boost growth. They work with bike couriers for the delivery of the placed orders. It is Deliveroo’s mission to bring the world’s local restaurant into everyone’s home or office, quickly.

Their headquarter is based in London, where it was founded in 2013. They now have operations in over 12 countries across Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia, with more than 1.500 employees and 24.000 riders worldwide.

100+ restaurants

At any given moment hundreds of restaurants are live.

Amount of ads

Well designed ads for every individual restaurant.

Number placements

We target specific on e.g. Tripadvisor and other blogs.

Increase in relevancy

We aim for a significant increase in campaign ROI.


We can run worldwide campaigns if desired.


A happy customer that loves

In greater detail

Food companies in general can benefit greatly from the possibilities of By food companies you should think of both food delivery companies (Deliveroo, Takeaway, etc.) but also restaurants or restaurant chains themselves. McDonald’s for example could desire to place ads on any content piece about hamburgers.

We are able to scan food blogs, travel blogs, news websites and match content pieces on those website about a specific restaurant to your database. When we find a match between your inventory and the piece of content we place an ad of e.g. Deliveroo. It can be an exact match or a relevant (comparable) restaurant.

The main question that arise is the creation of a relevant, well designed and dynamically strong ad. In our opinion this is a quite complex since you want to uphold the branding wishes of e.g. Deliveroo and combine dynamic aspects. Dynamic ads are often considered “uglier” but this doesn’t have to be true.

When we have a good inventory feed we can dynamically place restaurant names, images etc. in an ad. We can even include delivery times. For example an ad could state: “Order now and get your pizza pepperoni delivered in 25min from Tony’s Pizza Place. We can update the dynamic aspects in an ad every minute.

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