Demo case for electronics company: Media Markt.

What could do for a company like Media Markt?

For electronics companies has many groundbreaking opportunities.

Michiel Van der Sypt
Account manager on Kwantum

Kwantum was one the first clients for We only just released in beta and they were up for it.


Media Markt wants their offering to be placed in exactly the correct context.


Competitive pricing, large and rapid change in product inventory is the main challenge.


The results will be an increase in relevancy of advertisement campaigns.

Media Markt

The idea of Media Markt is a wide range of branded products for the lowest price in large stores, striking advertising and a new corporate culture. With one thing in mind: always being customer-oriented.

In this way, the first mega-electrical retail store (micro informatics, multimedia, CD, DVD, video, hi-fi, photo, telecom and household electronics) was created with unprecedented pillars at that time: huge choice, the latest new gadgets of top quality, branded products and guaranteed the lowest price and all under one roof. The concept proves to be a great success.

Expansion follows quickly, also in the rest of Europe. In Europe, Media Markt now has more than 580 stores & employs 65.000 people. Media Markt is part of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and is Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer.

Number of products

+50.000 products at any given moment.

Amount of ads

+50.000 products generate millions of possible ads.

Number placements

We target specific pages on e.g. electronics blogs.

Increase in relevancy

We aim for a significant increase in campaign ROI.


We can run worldwide campaigns if desired.


We aim for happy customers that want to stay.

In greater detail

Electronics companies in general can benefit greatly from the possibilities of By electronics companies you should think of both retailers (Media markt, Coolblue, Amazon, Vanden Borre etc.) but also manufactures like (Samsung, Apple, Huawei etc.) For all these types of companies’s solution offers a multitude of possibilities.

We are able to match the products you sell or make to relevant content people are reading. We can find matches between products and content on the web & create the perfect ad for it. The matches we make are highly relevant and at scale.

Challenges arise when for example Media Markt has a large and fast changing inventory. Prices change, products come and go, availability changes on one hand but also publishers generate a lot of content that needs to be processed, analysed and matched.

On our end we can manage this. When a product feed is on par we can manage thousands of mutations simultaneously. Our ads are generated dynamically therefore we can follow. The quality of a product feed is the main bottleneck that needs to be thought through seriously.

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