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What could do for a company like

For travel companies has many groundbreaking opportunities.

Matthias Laqueur
Account manager on Unibet

Unibet is one of our clients we are very proud of. It was hard work, with some stressful moments but once we saw our ads live on we were very proud.


Cheaptickets wants their offering to be placed in exactly the correct context.


The large and rapid change in product inventory is the main challenge.


The results should be an increase in relevancy of advertisement campaigns.

Cheaptickets has been looking for the most affordable airline tickets for many years. They compare airline tickets for more than 800 airlines from more than 9000 destinations worldwide. Because of their good airline relations they always offer the best deals and you fly with the airline of your choice to your destination. Search tickets easily, compare the prices and book a flight.

Travix is a brand name of Travix. Travix is the largest Dutch online travel agency with five independent websites:,, BudgetAir, etc. Travix is active in 28 countries with 450 employees and has an annual turnover of more than US $ 2 billion. Travix is part of BCD Holdings N.V.

Number of flights

At any given moment Cheaptickets has 7.2 million possible flights live.

Amount of ads

7,2 million flights generate millions of possible ad variations.

Number placements

We target specific pages on e.g. Tripadvisor and other travel blogs.

Increase in relevancy

We aim for a significant increase in campaign ROI.


We can run worldwide campaigns if desired.


We aim for happy customers that want to stay.

In greater detail

Travel companies in general can benefit greatly from the possibilities of By travel companies you should think of both travel organisations (Thomas Cook, TUI, Belvilla, Neckerman, Skikot etc.) but also compare websites likeĀ  (, Syscanner, Expedia, etc.) and for example hotels like (Hilton, Marriot Group, Accor etc.) For all these types of companies’s solution offers a multitude of possibilities.

We are able to match physical location and travel content people are reading. For example we know if somebody, who is in the Netherlands, is researching about travel possibilities in Indonesia. Therefore we can place an ad in the right context.

Challenges arise when for example Skyscanner has a large and fast changing inventory. Prices change, airlines come and go, availability changes on one hand but also publishers generate a lot of content that needs to be processed, analysed and matched.

On our end we can manage this. When a inventory feed is on par we can manage thousands of mutations simultaneously. Our ads are generated dynamically therefore we can follow. The quality of a product feed is the main bottleneck that needs to be thought through seriously.

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