Kwantum moved to product driven prospecting.

We had one challenge. “Improve the way we do display prospecting campaigns“!

Target high value content sites via technology.

Michiel Van der Sypt
Account manager on Kwantum

Kwantum was one the first clients for We only just released in beta and they were up for it.


Kwantum was open to testing new ad technology and wanted to see in action.


Matching the very different products from Kwantum was the main challenge.


Initial results were promising. We were able to match many products at scale on


Kwantum is the largest home & living discount player in the Netherlands & Belgium and also part of the Homefashion Group. They offer a broad and complete product range for both in- and exterior at the lowest price available on the market. Apart from products also expert services are available to integrate the purchases in their new surroundings. Their products are being sold via +100 stores & webshop.

Homefashion Group

This Dutch Holding is continuously striving to become a leader in floors, walls, windows & lighting by an efficient cross channel focus on processing, purchasing and services. Within this context a constant attention for improvement and innovation contribute to their goals.

Number of products

Kwantum sells about +/- 5.000 products both online and offline.

Amount of ads

For Kwantum we created text ads based on their product feed.

Number placements

Our main focus was

Increase in relevancy

We were able to increase the ad relevancy.


We ran campaigns in the Netherlands.


Kwantum committed to more testing.

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