How we pushed the envelope for Unibet.

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How Unibet increased their CTR by 50% on Belgian’s finest sport site Sporza.

Matthias Laqueur
Account manager on Unibet

Unibet is one of our clients we are very proud of. It was hard work, with some stressful moments but once we saw our ads live on we were very proud.


Unibet wanted to increase the relevancy of their ad campaigns on We worked closely with Pebblemedia to accomplish this.


First Unibets has 100.000+ different odds that change every 10 minutes. Secondly we had to create a custom integration on the DSP that Pebblemedia is using.


The results were very encouraging. Not only did we create custom dynamic ads that fit Unibet’s brand guidelines. We increased the CTR consistently by 50%.


When Unibet began in 1997, we started with a single ambition. For one player (founder Anders Ström) to share his sporting expertise to help other players make more informed bets. We believe that this is as important today as it was in the beginning. That’s why Unibet continue to be the experts in understanding what players really need to make bets that enhance their passion for the game.

Kindred Group

Unibet is part of the Kindred Group, one of the largest online gambling companies in the world. You can find out more about Kindred’s history, brands and career opportunities here:

Number of bets

100.000+ bets that can be placed at any time.

Amount of ads

Millions of dynamic ads. Updated every 10 minutes.

Number placements

We placed ads on specific pages on

Increase in relevancy

CTR increased by 50% on average across the board.


We ran campaigns in Belgium on


Unibet was very happy with the increase in ad relevance.

In greater detail

Thanks to Pebblemedia we where able to onboard one of our initial clients Unibet. Pebble Media is the partner if you want to advertise on websites from the Belgian public broadcaster like, Stubru, Canvas, Dagelijkse Kost etc. Together with a key person within Pebble Media we were able to setup a first pilot.

The initial step was the integration of our technology within Pebble Media. The end result was that we deliver a matching file that fills the dynamic ad and the location where the ad needs to be shown. Every 10 minutes we updated the file with the latest odds & ad locations.

Second was the Unibet side. This was more tricky. Unibet has a very very large odd inventory. You can bet on all kind of sports in all kind of countries, divisions etc. We had to consolidate many feeds to create one master-feed. This feed is then update every 8 minutes with the new available odds. Although the total amount of mutations was vast at peak hours we were able handle this without any loss in data.

In the beginning some ad sizes were a bit unstable but this was fixed and in the we had a stable campaign performing +/- 50% better compared to other campaigns the ran on for Unibet.

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